Seven Invisible Men, Sarunas Bartas – 2005

a group of four unknown people steal a mercedes in a city. the police comes looking for them in their hide out. so they leave the city torwards the countryside, some poor place in ex USSR. they split for a while. whilst the main character, a blonde man with blue eyes who never smiles, hides in a poor farm with some women he seems to know from earlier in his life. he seems to have a special relation to one of the younger women. maybe once his love or maybe his prostitute. in the first scene when they meet at the farm, she says “that she is on vacation now”. He replies that he has money and has always had money”. At the end of the film she asks him “what he wants”, he replies that “he wants everything and that it is never enough”. during the film they seem to have one single dialogue which is scattered though time and never ends. in the mean time the rest of the group from the beginning join at the farm. they have a rather pathetic as much as touching party with a lot of booze and retro pop music in a tiny room around a poorly lit table. Bartas seems to have directed these scenes by putting some vodka on the table and ordered everybody to get drunk. this is when you get stuck in this uncanny small house together with drunken men, half naked children and melancholic and hysterically crying naked women. these creatures seem to live from nothing else than cigarettes and misery. the best part is during something like a love scene where the naked woman is lying on the bed and turned to the opposite direction of the camera. at first she shows her middle finger, then a V for victory and then a closed fist. Was it for us or was it for Bartas? there is no escape. at the end everything burns down and everybody dies, only the sad and crazy survive. a great film told with few words rather than with beautiful landscape scenes and a very special feeling for poetry in film.


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