Chris Marker – The Owl’s Legacy

I remembered this fine piece of work of Chris Marker in thirteen parts that I actually never  saw as a whole.

The Owl’s Legacy (L’Héritage de la chouette)

1989, France/Greece, col., Beta sp, Television Mini-Series, 13 episodes x 26′.

Written by Jean Claude-Carrière and Chris Marker, commissioned by S.E.P.T. and financed by the Onassis Foundation The Owl’s Legacy was never broadcasted, probably not having matched the Foundation’s expectations. Searching for the western cultural foundations in the ancient Greece, the 13 episodes of this TV mini-series explore the lost resonances of thirteen words, ideas that function today in a problematic relation both with their linguistic root as well as in their customary role and exercise. (source of the text)

watch it here:

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